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Photoshop Projects

Many of the photoshop projects I have used in college

School Project

Star Wars

For this project we were told to take a word or two and put pictures inside of them. I decided to use one of my favorite movie series Star Wars to do this project and show the different villians that have appeared in the films.



For this photography project, I took a couple of pictures I took at the Big Four Walking Bridge and put them together to make this diptych.



This project we were told to create a photo that has multiple of us in it. So I used my car as a prop for this project.



For this project we needed to use a bunch of smaller photos to create a larger photo.

Fun Project

Wood Carving

For fun, after working on a Photoshop tutorial, I decided to use the skill of putting type to look like it’s engraved into wood to use. I play guitar, so I tried this out.